Monday, March 17, 2008

Masterton Hospital

Some members of the public service have a useful-indeed valuable- place in our world.

My heartfelt thanks for making an unpleasant experience no more unpleasant than it needed to be!

When I'm clobbering the public service- some are excluded unless specifically mentioned- you are one of those groups!


llew said...

Glad someone's getting good service. Well done.

KG said...

For all the complaints and horror stories about the NZ health system, it seems that Masterton Hospital does have a culture of genuinely trying to do things right-- and mostly succeeding.
Maybe it's because it's a small town hospital?

Boris said...

Like most things in smaller towns, it is very hard to hide poor behaviour and performance. Thus the levels of service in the public service are more openly scrutinised than in big centres. The only differnce between the problems that Wanganui Health faced and any large metro area is that Wanganui can't afford to waste heaps of money on parasites called spin doctors!