Thursday, March 06, 2008

Cry me a friggin' river...

This scrote thinks his eight year sentence was too harsh for stealing 3.48 million.


For a start- he won't do eight years.

Second- you don't get rewarded because the loot you nicked was recovered, you pleaded guilty or cooperated with the police. That should just save you from more time.

Third- some of that friggin' money was mine!

This prick likes to live off the taxpayer, so now he gets what he wanted. Rent & board provided for the next couple of years!

I believe that he should be spending his sentence at very hard labour so he can learn what work is, have 'Thief' branded on his forehead and be NEVER given another benefit for ANY reason.


Johnboy said...

I think he is right Oswald eight years is to much. If I was the judge I would have given him a one year sentence for each of his 123 alias's to be served consecutively of course.

Murray said...

On the other hand he did better with our money than Michael Cullen.

Based on his current term Doc Sullen should get... 40 years?