Sunday, March 16, 2008

A new pleasure!

4 1/2 pounds of steel and wood. 60 grains of FFFG pushing a 147 grain lead ball rather fast and with lots of smoke, flame and noise!

No doubt this has a HUGE carbon footprint!

The Walker Colt was the worlds most powerful handgun until the .357 came along in the 1930's

And now I have one!


I fired up that hog-leg today and it's as good as they said. Being such a big smoker, the recoil is negligible- it has the power of a .357, but shoots like a .38 S&W!

Next step is to try it on paper, then to try and find a holster for it- A couple of local wits have suggested a carbine bag!


KG said...


TouchStone said...

I made my own holster for my Ruger Old Army .45 - and it only took approximately half a deer hide!

Nothing quite like the roar of black powder...and the punch on the "receiving end" is more than respectable.

I pack it during hunting season, just in case the first (and only) round from my .50 Hawken rifle doesn't persuade a too-curious bear or cougar to look elsewhere for their next snack.

Front stuffers for public carry?
Oh hell yeah!

Of course, for my wife to use for in-home defense, I loaded up some 12-gauge shotgun shells with rock salt, then alternate those beauties with #9 shot shells in the tube.

If the first load in the pants doesn't immediately remind some burglar of some appointment that they're really late for, then the next load in the chest will just make them permanently "late".

Why #9 and not 00?
The smaller pellets - if any miss - can't make it through the wall and puncture my son.
But they still maintain a lovely tight group out to the maximum range of the living room....

Oswald Bastable said...

Yep- those trap loads the wife has no problem shooting pattern real good at about the length of the hall.

Even the .410 packs the same punch as a .45 colt at that range.

KG said... my #2 shot and magnum shells may be a bit much, eh?

Abbadon said...

Pretty! How old is it???

Oswald Bastable said...

Just out of the box