Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The bottom of the barrel

We are well and truly there when it comes to employment.

This is why my last post details the slovenliness of the staff hired by the previous establishment.

So often now those hiring don't even do cursory checks of new staff- because they know they will get nobody else- the best they can hope for is that a decent worker is currently between jobs.

Locally, I know of one who was fired for thieving and is now in another job handling money. No checks made there- not even a phone call to the last employer.

The next time you are at a supermarket and wonder why there are long lines and unmanned checkouts- it's because they can't get staff- at least those who turn up every day.

Fruit rots on tree and vine because nobody is there to pick it ($12.50/hr doesn't exactly help here, mind)

The shonkey cleaners on 'Target' are only going to get worse!

Then there is the attitude that 'entry- point' positions are beneath them. Once they were considered opportunities...


libertyscott said...

Which is why the unemployment and sickness benefits need a lifetime limit - one year maximum at any one time, and a maximum of 3 years in your life.

There are plenty of jobs out there, and the UK has started changing sickness benefits so doctors have to determine what jobs "sick" people CAN do, and for them to go out searching for them to get the benefit.

Murray said...

Well lets just take them round the back and shoot them shall we.

Its that sort of kneejerk comment that is fodder for labour party scarmongers.

Engage brain then type ls.

KG said...

Agreed, Scott. Our neighbour is too fat to work and she "can't get along" with others in the workplace, so some poor bastard has to pay taxes in order for her to sit at home blobbed out in front of her television.
Apparently obesity, laziness and an inability to get along with workmates constitutes some kind of deadly disease, for which I'm required to pay.
People on benefits need to be realistically assessed by an independent body, and if they're able to work, are offered a job and refuse it, then the benefit should be stopped.
Being forced to subsidise lazy cunts is no better than slavery.

Murray said...

Ok we WEIGH everyone THEN shoot the fatties.

Thats win the voters round.

Anonymous said...

murray, we don't need to shoot them, just stop paying them and if they resort to a life of crime, lock them up and let the other inmates kill them.
I usually post under the name murray, but this time I'll call myself muzza