Saturday, May 24, 2008

Don't push your luck...

Custody- Not a chance- one thing that was established is that NOBODY from this family is fit to have a canary in a cage in their 'care'

They need gelding with clever and boathook, one and all!

And now you want to launch a complaint about police handling of the case. Quite a few people out there are also pissed that there wasn't a result.

If the police weren't forced to do the PC pussyfooting about they may well have been a very different result.

You got a 'not guilty' on a murder charge. (shame we don't have the 'Not proven guilty' verdict here)

But are 'guilty' of having a lifestyle that directly caused the death of these children. Think about it- if you had a pool and one of your kids fell in and drowned- you would be prosecuted! If you left them in a car unattended you would be prosecuted. It seems it is ok to leave them while you and a bunch of rock-apes drug yourselves insensible I guess thats because you don't know better and have had a hard life. [gags]

Forget about getting big money out of this (only lawyers win here) . You are getting to much out of the taxpayers as it is...


Johnboy said...

"Shayne speaks both English and Maori, loves to sing waiata and do the haka and is said to be "incredibly bright".

Must be a misprint there I think.

Oswald Bastable said...

Incredibly bright in comparison to his genetic heritage (I won't call them parents!)perhaps?

peterquixote said...

agreed Ostable.
I hear the little scumbag wants to sue the Police for compensation