Thursday, May 01, 2008

Can we have your liver then?

Fair enough, I reckon

If you are a donor, why not get dibs on spare parts!

Actually, I fail to see why anyone opposed to donating their body parts should expect to get a transplant.

It's not like this is China where the supply is ensured by forfeiting your bits & pieces for crimes against the state- yet.


Anonymous said...

No need for that shit Oswald, the FTA with China should ensure us liquor lovin bastards as many cheap livers as we can drink our way through. Especially if the Tibetan resistance movement really gets into action. Best scenario would be an all out attack by our new buddies on Taiwan. Should produce all the spare parts we need for ten lifetimes on the piss and the fags. Fuck I just thought would a chink liver make you prefer sake to scotch cause I tried it once and it tasted like shite.

Panday said...

I don't see why anyone is opposed to donating their own body parts at all. I signed over everything useable in the event of my death. I'm sure not going to have any further use for them.

Oswald Bastable said...

Yep- all my parts are up for grabs. I have been listed as a donor for years.

After the rest of me has given up, they will probably have to take my liver out and beat it to death with a baseball bat

MathewK said...

You have a valid point. I don't particularly trust the state to have my best interests when it comes to my body parts, but i don't mind them being given to other folks when i no longer need them.

Just hope i don't pass any freaky stuff to them though, remember that fellow recently who killed himself in the same way that his donor heart's previous owner did. That's un-nerving!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has moral objections to donating body parts should not get one if they ever need it - full stop. I would rather my bits, and those of my family if anything fatal happened to them, went to other people who were also willing to be donors. Fuck the others - always wanting something for nothing.

Brian Smaller

KG said...

I need a brain transplant--are we allowed to specify "no lefty body parts"?

Col. Hogan said...

Meanwhile, I sit here wondering why one shouldn't be paid for these body parts. It'd make a fine parting gift for the ol' estate--to help your children or their children get a good start in life.

Seems like if these medics are going to be paid well for stitching my liver into someone who will then get to live on, I should get a little something for my kids.

It might be the only way I'll ever amount to anything.