Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How Bizzare!

"...More than 70 years after they first met, teenage sweethearts Phil O'Neill and Joan Dean are about to marry.

The pair, both now 85, grew up in Masterton but were separated when World War 2 broke out and Mrs Dean's father forbade her to see Mr O'Neill for religious reasons.

Mrs Dean married and settled in Masterton while Mr O'Neill married in England, later moving to Lower Hutt.

Mutual friends put them in touch after their spouses died, and the pair reignited their relationship in January this year.

They got engaged in March, and plan to marry in Masterton, probably at the end of June..."


When asked why they waited so long they replied: "We were waiting for the children to die."


It's actually a true story!

The last line was mine (Sort of- I stole it from an old Kenny Everett skit)


MK said...

Yeah it sounded alright and all that until the last bit about waiting around for the kids to die off.

Johnboy said...

Mrs Deans is lucky she was not a Muslim her father would have murdered her for religious reasons.