Sunday, May 25, 2008

Prison Contrababnd

"...Banning contact visits with inmates is the best way to stamp out drug smuggling into prisons, says prison officer' union boss Beven Hanlon Mr Hanlon was commenting after the drug `P', worth around $26,000 on the blackmarket, was found during a cell search in Auckland's Mt Eden Prison.

Corrections Department northern regional manager Warren Cummins said the amount of the drug was roughly equivalent in size and weight a box of matches..."

Damned right- that's one of the better ways of keeping drugs out, but the trouble is that lack of a real will at the political levels to get serious about contraband.

Simply, it cost money to do effective searching and border control- stopping accomplices throwing contraband over walls. They love to whine about drugs in prisons and like to play on bent staff bringing them in. Sure, that happens, but the technology is available to screen far more effectively. The sort of scanners used in airports, for example.

Searches are very time consuming- even a simple pat-down of a whole work party takes a while. A cell search can easily take half an hour- depending on the amount of personal crap the inmate has- another point that needs sorting- they are allowed far too much stuff.

But much contraband come in through a route that can't be searched and one that nobody wants to be discussed.

Up their arses!

You can get a lot of drugs into a 35mm film container. That sad sack of shit troll Biggirlsblouse could probably hide ten-litre pail up it's abused orifice.


peterquixote said...

I once went to meet the notorious prisoner Tim Selwyn, then held in Wanganui.
The security was awesome.Both inmates and visitors were subject to search.

While it may have been feasibly possible for me to introduce and try to sell some cocaine to Tim,
He would not have got past the prisoner examination system.
They have to change out of the orange clothes completely on the way back to the cell.

You can't get gear and things into gaol unless the Guards look away.

Oswald Bastable said...

Security isn't always that good, all the time.

Searching visitors is not common- there has to be 'probable cause'

MathewK said...

Sheriff joe, that's what they need, no time for drugs and gang banging, they'll be too tired from the chain gangs to get up to mischief.

That blog you linked to is really screwed up OB.

Barnsley Bill said...

that new troll you mentioned at the bottim of this post is a real pain un the arse. FFS do not comment on it;s rancid blog. You will only encourage it

Barnsley Bill said...

Oh, and to the topic now. Nagwha prison in Kaikohe is staffed by mainly Ngapuhi tribe members.
The inmates at Ngawha are mainly Ngapuhi.

Oswald Bastable said...

I will NOT be visiting the trolls purile waste of server space.

You are quite right- that only encourages them.

Molerats said...

I remember playing cricket at a school next to Mt Eden Prison. I think i was bowling, got smashed over the prison wall. Smallest boundaries in the world i might add. The guys threw it back over.Blessem!

We lost that match. I wish we never got that ball back even to this day.