Sunday, May 18, 2008

The results of my inquest.

Muliaga family hopes for answers at inquest


My findings:

The family members in contact with the deceased at and just before the time of death should be charged for failing to render aid in that:

They failed to call an ambulance.
They failed to move the deceased to a location with electricity.
They failed to contact any other person who could have made the above arrangements.

Also, they and the deceased are responsible for not paying their account or making arrangements with the electricity provider, or not communicating the importance of maintaining the electricity supply. They are also remiss in not making a contingency plan for the loss of power- an event not unknown in Auckland.

The most charitable summation is that all are guilty of profound stupidity.

It's that or they deliberately allowed her to die.


gecko said...

I'd go for stupidity......

MK said...

Yeah i'd have to agree. If they had told the power company, yeah we could expect them to delay it or something, but not indefinitely.

Murray said...

Darwin did it.

TouchStone said...

You think that people should actually be held accountable for THEIR OWN ACTIONS?!?!?'re a heartless savage, you know that?

....gee, guess I am, too.....

Oi said...

Move mum and her machine.

Call an ambulance.

Get an oxygen bottle.

$10 at the local hardware store buys a couple of twenty foot electric leads from our new Chinese trading partners - long enough to get from the neigbours power point to the machine.

Of course none of the above would be required if they merely paid their fucking power bill...

Anonymous said...

Look - Mr Muliaga said that they only ate rice and vege soup with Taro as a treat on Sunday. He didn;t know how she got so fat.

Brian Smaller

Oswald Bastable said...

'I eat like a bird'

Yeah- a friggin' pelican!

Mark.V. said...

I believe it is a case of Mrs Muliaga wanted to die, pacefully in the arms of her family. She was morbidly obese and was going to die anyway, so she decided the time was right to go now. I understand her family did not call an ambulance because they were told not to.

It is safer to blame a power company than to admit publicly that they allowed their mother to die at her request.

sweetpea said...

Eating like a bird - a sparrow eats twice its body weight a day.

They either didn't understand the seriousness of Mrs Muliaga's illness or refused to comprehend it.

The power being cut off was just the final straw. This family's finaces were in a terminal spiral and had been probably for years.