Friday, May 23, 2008

Missing the point here

Friggin' do-gooders like this Susan St John* need shooting with a ball of their own shit!

"...Forgotten and invisible are the 200,000 children and their parents who eke out a subsistence living on benefits, propped up by a variety of income and asset-tested, stigmatising special hardship payments, loans from Work and Income as well as from high-cost loan sharks. Do the needs of these families not count as much as the needs of those over 65? The relativity with net wages for those on sickness, sole parent and other benefits has been falling for some time. This Budget amplifies that fall, pushing these families further to the margins of society outside the normal living standards of the community..."

These families are not meant to live on these benefits FOR MORE THAN A SHORT TIME. They are meant to find friggin' jobs! Over 65's have (presumably) paid their dues and DO have to live out their lives on what they get.


*Susan St John is an Auckland University senior economics lecturer and spokeswoman for the Child Poverty Action Group. Figures.


Anonymous said...

I have an inherent dislike of paying to bring up other peoples kids.
Fuck em! I have every sympathy and dont mind a handout for a person who has been laid off by closure of his place of employment - Fisher & Pykal buggering off to Mexico springs to mind - and he needs a hand to feed his sprogs for a time, but this business of supporting permanent solo mothers and the like, sticks in my craw.

KG said...

me too, oi.
And God save us from fucking bleeding-heart academic morons on high salaries, lecturing us about how we have some kind of responsibility to fund loser lowlife scumbags who can't get off their fat arses.

KG said...

St. John is on welfare herself--disguised as an academic salary.
People such as her make me puke.