Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The resource management act- the NIMBY's best friend

A couple of whinging arseholes have caused a project worth 60+ million a year to be lost

That 60 mill is a hell of a lot of money in a small rural town.

"...A petition in Martinborough seeking to quantify support for the cuisine school gathered a massive 1700 signatures, in a town with a population of 1200.

The sole objection to consent being given was lodged jointly by Positively Martinborough, John Porter and Christian Ullrich..."

There you have it- massive local support but let a handful of NIMBY's object and the whole deal stonewalls, as the backers can't afford to wait a couple of years for the machine to grind away.

I hope the locals consider very carefully whether they want to do business with those who use the RMA to their own ends.


Another reason to scrap the RMA


Anonymous said...

Tar is still not too expensive yet and it is the duck shooting season so feathers will be available.

Anonymous said...

The kennedy's blocking windmills off of Cape Cod.
Floridians and Californians blocking drilling off their coasts.

The list of idiocy never ends.....

Murray said...

They'll be the first against the wall when the revolution comes.

Due November.

Anonymous said...

I heard that news item, Os.

So "Positively Martinborough" (cringe) isn't so positive, eh?

Those countries whose names had the worlds "democratic" or "liberated" in them were usually anything but.

Pacifists are among the most violent of people.

Green"peace" have no problem with piracy.

And the expensive process of "consultation" is imposed upon everybody, except those doing the imposing.

Beware the language revisionists! By crikey, George Orwell knew a thing or two, didn't he?

peterquixote said...

Ostable my friend,
1700 signatures mean power, why did it happen.

Oswald Bastable said...

Explain it- the asylum is in the hands of the inmates...