Monday, May 12, 2008

Mercy, Overlord!

I love the latest drooling from stoopid Soo!

"...Ms Bradford said the report was "damning confirmation that Labour's welfare policies condemn many beneficiaries and their families to a life of debt, deprivation and despair".

It was clear Labour believed the best way to motivate beneficiaries into paid work was to keep benefits so low that people were desperate to find work whatever situation they were in..."


I'm not sure about Liarbour are aiming to do do with the poor. Nothing much, I suspect. They know well that the bottom of the heap won't vote for anybody else, so why bother with them. The same reason they don't try to appeal to the other end of the spectrum.

Ignore the bloodstock and the culls and work on the rest of the cud-chewing herd.

But Soo- you vile hypocrite- you Greenie wankers would happily drag us all* down to squalid poverty with your Luddite philosophy's. A deliberate act of destruction.

(*With the exception of the ruling elite, of course. )

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Murray said...

I swear to god these people are getting dummer as we watch.