Friday, May 30, 2008

A Notice

This blogger choses exactly what material is shown on this site.

If I don't like your comments, I flush them down the crapper.

Feel free to wank on about whatever on your own site, but don't expect me to provide a wall for you to deface. My opinions on that matter are made quite clear on my previous post.

Those who have been visiting for a while know that I usually tolerate the eccentric or the permanently baffled and don't delete those who don't agree with posts.

But unlike in real life, I can't frog-march nasty little oiks off and give them a slapping. So I do what they hate and make their posts vanish.


I have just upgraded to Haloscan, so all your comments have vanished into the great beyond. It was time to upload a little pest control...


KG said...

lol! Apparently, exercising your right to run your own blog your way is now cowardly, Oswald.
One assumes that a homeowner who removes graffiti from his fence is also a coward, by that "logic".
I suspect bgb is in fact an antisocial chimpanzee which has been taught to use a keyboard--I guess that's a step up from spray cans.

Oswald Bastable said...

Isn't it interesting how the pest love to make homosexual references as insults, yet is a great supporter of Helen Clark and her mob of shirt-lifters and carpet-biters.

I think sombody hasn't come to terms with their sexuality yet.

Never mind- it's just one of those things that puberty brings!

Murray said...

I think somebodt hasn't gotten laid yet.


Caprox said...

Still keeping up the good fight against the lefty hordes, Oswald!

Oswald Bastable said...

Just like killing roaches. They keep coming and I keep stepping on them.

BTW- got down south for a week last month.