Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Petrol Panic!

It's a bit overdone- all the tripe about carpooling, fuel saving and the usual nauseous government interventions [retching noise]

I heard all the same blather as petrol went past the dollar a gallon mark!

Them that needs to have already economized. Those who can don't need to worry about the cost- well- they don't worry about the cost. So why wank on about carpooling like the concept has just been invented?

The whole carpooling thing only works when you have the following conditions:

  • All concerned live near each other
  • All concerned work very near to each other
  • All start and finish at the same time
  • There are no freeloaders in the pool

So that's why all the cars with one person in them!

Carless days [insert Tui ad here]

Some of us remember how well THAT brain fart worked!

Public transport would be fine IF it went where you wanted it and when- assuming you had any AND the public didn't use it. When I first started working in a prison, the smell reminded me of trains in the 1960-70's- stale tobacco and unwashed 'humanity'

And anyone suggesting lowering the speed limit to 80kph should just cut their wrists now!


ZenTiger said...

There are some places where people dream of being able to do 80kph. It's pointless lowering the limit if the majority of cars are stuck in traffic jams on crap roads.

Murray said...

Suck it up city boy.

MathewK said...

They begin by lowering the speed limit, eventually what they want is to ban the car and make you walk or mount the ox wagon. Cars and freedom-giving things like that threaten these folks somehow.