Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dickhead pollitician is off in La-La Land

Hone (WOFTAM)* Harawira spewed forth

"...Look at that dickhead of a judge who sent that kid to jail for tagging because the judge thought it was culturally offensive," he said.

"Is that part of the law now? What a bloody joke..."


Who is the friggin' dickhead here?

Here is a judge actually doing what us taxpayers want- coming down hard on WILLFUL PROPERTY DAMAGE. That's what it is- it ain't 'graffiti' or 'free expression of the poor downtrodden yoof. It is WILLFUL PROPERTY DAMAGE.

I consider this a serious matter- as does anyone who has had to PAY to have the defacement to their property removed. To make it worse, there are fascist councils around who demand that you remove the damage to your property at your expense!

Personally, I wish the judge had the tool of flogging at his disposal. it's a fitting punishment to those who like to leave their mark- to recieve a few of their own!

*Waste Of Friggin' Time And Money


MK said...

Perhaps one day when the tagger graduates to mugging and the "dickhead" who said that gets mugged and gets some dental work done, said "dickhead" might understand why there must be zero tolerance of such behavior.

KG said...

Funny, how "cultural values" are just fine and dandy when it's Maori cultural values being considered...
Harawira is a racist asshole.

sweetpea said...

I think I could be a big fan of silcon based paint. If I had a fence that was a tag magnet.

Murray said...

Nothing cleans paint off like a flame thrower.

If there's splasher over thats just too bad.

Johnboy said...

You cant blame Hone for what he said, its his whakapapa thats at fault, after all he is descended from a long line of dickheads.