Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cheated- I don't think so

"Organisers of a petition to force a smacking referendum have been dealt a major blow after failing to gather enough signatures.

They now have two more months to collect enough signatures.

The petition needed 280,275 signatures to force a referendum but fell short after a number were excluded because they were either illegible, the signatory's date of birth could not be confirmed, or involved people who signed multiple times..."

I have heard this described as people 'cheating' by signing multiple times.

Knowing the tactics employed by the likes of the green and liarbour- I would think 'Sabotaged' would be more like it...


Barnsley Bill said...

The approved number is still many thousands of names more than the greens got in votes back in 2005

KG said...

Exactly. Democracy in action, eh?

Sus said...

Worth remembering that it's *always* the special votes from overseas that push the Greens' over the 5% party vote threshold.

Conclusions? Young people isolated from what's going on back here and who's behind it. That they're drowning in sea of European socialism doesn't help.

Nor does the smug attitude of their hailing from the southern 'clean, green paradise' the politicians insist upon telling us we have. (They obviously choose to ignore the litter polluting roadsides up & down the country, don't they). Clean & green, bollocks.

And my idea of 'paradise' is a country with no bureaucrats.

ZenTiger said...

Definitely sabotage.