Monday, January 14, 2008

Yeah, Right...

Robber pleads the 'Just Kidding' defense.

I can assure shit-for-brains that the prison sentence will be for real.

As real as it gets in NZ, anyway...


Oi said...

I would be prepared to wager a large sum, that he does not get prison.
A/ He is not european.
B/ Although an adult under the legal system, he is still a youth going to school.

He will get a community sentence.

Anonymous said...

And when he puts a bullet in someones head its just a wizard wheeze?

And I see the judge is already looking at ways to NOT send him to jail where he belongs.


KG said...

Hand the little weasel over--we can beat the shit out of him then hand him back and claim we were just kidding.

ZenTiger said...

Note the language used in the article: They lead with "a schoolboy said it was a prank"

and then point out he is 18. Legally, a man and an adult.

As well as the robberies, he had stolen equipment in his possession, which he said he bought off some-one in the street. One of the items came from his school.

The Police charged him with receiving stolen goods. That's a bit of a joke. I suspect they could charge him with "lying".

Anonymous said...

How things have changed. School pranks in my day were slifting a Triumph Herald, with owner, onto the foot path. Soooo boring in them days.

MathewK said...

Yeah, and i'm sure he was just about to return the money, that's why he was running when the cops came looking for him, he was just trying to get to the dairies before they closed, honest.

I like KG's idea.

Murray said...

We just put a giant cake of the roof of the library and a bullsee on the admin block when skylab was coming down.

What a dull bunch we were.

We didn't crusie about beating people with softball bats to proove how tough we were either.

I boe to the obvious superiority of the next generation.