Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The consequence-free world strikes again

This cretin is due a flogging (for starters) Won't get it though!

"...Daisy, aged 13, died in Whangarei Hospital yesterday morning, just a few days before her 14th birthday this Friday.

Her friend, also aged 13, remains stable in hospital with serious injuries, which the Herald understands include a broken leg and smashed hip.

A 15-year-old boy, who was driving the motocross bike and suffered minor injuries, has been interviewed by police over the crash and been referred to youth aid..."

I was at the local beach yesterday and commented to the wife that parents that by kids these bikes need a good kick up the arse. For us it was simply a noise issue. The next day, it's another parents worst nightmare.

But hey- he's only 15 and can't possibly know right from wrong! Don't destroy his life with a prison sentence!


Old enough to be operating a motor vehicle, old enough to be responsible for the consequences. You want to play with big boys toys, you take a big boys punishment when you screw up. If you can't do that- stick to your BMX!


KG said...

"Youth aid" eh....
If the reports that he'd been asked to slow down are true, the only aid this selfish little bastard needs is an ounce of lead.

MathewK said...

Can't see a problem with that, life for a life. We have a similar thing here, laws, laws and more laws, banning just about everything, but with no one to enforce them and an unarmed and placid public, they are completely useless.

The scumbags run the world these days.

sweetpea said...

If you are old enough to own or ride a vehicle you are old enough to be subject to the same punishment as anybody else with the same rights. Regardless of age.
My kids were all taught the meaning of a big word at a very young age, even though 2 of them still have trouble pronoucing it.

All actions have consequences. Your action = you suffering the consequence.

(Yes I know there is a flaw in that logic some of the time but that is a result of reality and my kids haven't thought up a counter arguement to that yet)