Thursday, January 03, 2008

Unspeakable Acts

Are being carried out locally

I saw it with my own eyes today- nobody should have to witness such things!


Anonymous said...

Fcuk me!

Anonymous said...

Oh.the.humanity... wait a minute... isn't that you second on the right????

KG said...

Disgusting...wanking in public already!

Oi said...

A group of blind people go on a coach trip in England. Half way to their destination they stop at a small village for a rest.

They ask the driver if there is a village green. To which he replies "yes".
He takes them over to it and they tell him they're going to play football while he has his lunch.

He asks how they can play, when they can't see. So they show him the special ball with bells in it and explain they follow the sound so they can kick it.

Thinking it weird but wanting his lunch he leaves them and goes to the cafe.

10 minutes later a villager runs in and asks him if the blind people are with him.

He says “yes, what's wrong”?

"Well says the villager, you'd better come and get them. For some reason, they're kicking the crap out of our Morris dancers."

KG said...


sweetpea said...

Is it the bells, the fluttering of hankys or men dancing that scares you all? ;)

KG said...

Scares? You mean nauseates, surely?

MathewK said...

Good one Ash. Yeah fluttering of hanky to scare the wolves away, sounds a bit leftist to me.