Saturday, January 19, 2008

The stuff kids come out with!

Image from Brain Stab

A while back we were at the park, when my five year-old raced off into the cemetery next door and started running about yelling and hitting headstones.

I called him back to have a wee talk about carrying on in cemeteries. When asked what he was doing he explained " I'm trying to wake up the Zombies!"

Maybe he would have had more luck at the nearby bowls club!

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Anonymous said...

Excuse me Os..... grrrrrrrrrr
You have made a common mistaken by inferring that bowlers are old. My husband plays bowls , has since he was 34 and , just because he is at present asleep on the couch he is not a zombie.
Anyway did you get a look at the world bowls ...2 Australian medal winners were only 17 and 19 .

Let your son zoom around the cemetery if there are any ghosts hanging about he might cheer them up.