Monday, January 28, 2008

Teachers not up to scratch

So sayeth one of their own

"...School heads rated 73 per cent of short-listed applicants in November and December as "very poor" or "poor", the Auckland Primary Principals' Association staffing survey found.

Almost half the applicants were beginning teachers - meaning they had less than two years' experience and needed mentoring - and a third were applying from overseas..."

So they are saying that graduate teachers- taught by other teachers- are no good.

Guess what- employers have been saying that about the majority of school leavers for years! You were in denial about pushing semi-literate simians out into the workplace- now the chickens have come home to roost!

My experience with one student teacher is training has been less than positive. We have had one doing temp work over the holidays and she was lazy, unwilling to learn or get her hands dirty in any way- along with being as dumb as mud.

We have blokes working for us that are totally illiterate but they can follow instructions !


KG said...

"semi-literate simians' is right--I've met some younger teachers you wouldn't trust to tie their own bloody shoelaces.

MathewK said...

Oh but they can tell you all about the evils of the white man OB, they can explain tolerance and kumbaya, social justice and the communal pot, you know, all the key ingredients to build a successful and free civilization.

Anonymous said...

Its just a reversal of the 80-20 rule. Now 80% aren't worth a day's wages.

Anonymous said...

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