Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Who would have thought...

That a TV doco about crab fishing could be so captivating!

The Deadliest Catch

Hard men doing a hard, hard job- for big rewards!

That's what made us- risk-takers who put it all on the line. Not girly-boys scared of tearing a knuckle or losing a nights sleep. Not wimps who have to run inside when they get wet.

A job where respect is earned the hard way and failure to measure up is not tolerated.

Men living hard and making big money- or maybe losing their lives.

Inspiring stuff!

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Anonymous said...

This program has been on Sky for several years, on and off.

Crab fishing in the Aleutians! Home port Dutch Harbor. Labelled the most dangerous job in the world. Edge of seat viewing.

Good Sky programming as usual.