Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sympathy is for victims

Not for the dumbarse that brought the misery on himself.

He may have been a 'good boy' who is now all broken over killing one young girl and maiming another. That's tough- he is still alive.

He will still (probably) be alive when he gets out after a token prison sentence.

He will be alive to get over it.

If he is miserable and repentant now- that is how it should be!

Apparently- "He's too scared to have fun."

'Fun' being scaring people by hooning about on a motorbike?

And-"He's a thoughtful, caring kid, and he's always thinking about other people."

Not on that night he wasn't! Remembering that he had been told to slow down several times already.

Then- "...Nikita, who started riding motorbikes on the family farm at the age of 10 and has been a competitive motocross rider for almost two years..."

So he's not a first-time rider and inexperience is not a factor. That paints a much grimmer picture...

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Anonymous said...

Dunno about this. We've all done stupid stuff when young and mostly got away with it. I'd hate to have this on my conscience for a lifetime. That doesn't mean I'm sympathetic, just grateful I've never been on either side of this awful equation (although I came uncomfortably close this festive season).