Sunday, January 06, 2008

Give the bastard nothing!

MORE money to be wasted on worthless criminals!

He can get stuffed!- Try living with the consequences of being a thieving arsehole

"...ACC has agreed to pay for a serial burglar to have a new left ear constructed in a rare and complex series of operations after his was bitten off by a police dog.

The surgery is estimated to cost around $20,000 and Casey Voges, 29, is planning legal action to force authorities to let him have the procedure in prison..."

The fucktard needs *THIEF* branded on his forehead in very large type!

Not taxpayer funded cosmetic surgery!

AND he should be billed for the cost of a large steak for the police dog- so the dog can get the taste of scumbag out of his mouth!

On the subject of dumbfuck crims...



Deadman said...

Love your parting shot.

How the hell do the assholes making these decisions live with themselves knowing they are pandering to criminals?

They must have ZERO self-respect.

Anonymous said...

Cut off the other one so he has a matching p-ear

MathewK said...

It's what happens when people don't have the stomach to execute evil bastards, the evil ones live and continue to prey upon us, the lesser crims get soft sentences and ones like this can get taxpayers money as compensation for getting caught.

Leftists are usually quick to whine that executions don't deter crime and then harsh punishment doesn't deter crime either, i'd like to know when they'll acknowledge that soft punishment and coddling doesn't deter it either.

Anonymous said...

I think that in the case of criminals who are injured wither in the course of committing their crimes or durign the arrest process (the ear guy and Burton for example), then the only medical care they should get is enough to stop them from dying. So, people who get horribly scarred in P lab explosions should get no publically funded cosmetic surgery but treated to stop their burns from becoiming infected. That is it. Then they can live with the consequences of their actions.

Brian Smaller

Anonymous said...

Fuck off Brian, we should let the cunts die. They will live with the consequences of nothing, it is the taxpayer who will live with the financial consequences of the crim's chosen path. The ear man should have been left to bleed to death. I hope they gave the brave dog a tetanus shot.