Thursday, January 17, 2008

A reply to the UN

Dear Busy-Bodies,

Don't you have some funds to embezzle?

Or your own third world shitholes to continue buggering up?

Fuck off- you ain't welcome here.


Andrei said...

If they are worried about that I am guessing they have sorted out the Sudan already.

I haven't heard that they have mind you.

Oi said...

There are two subjects that are taboo in this house, one is the UN and the pack of thieving cnuts that infest the place, the other is LTNZ and the otherwise unemployable poms and canadians that have dispalced the workers there!
It surprises me not at all, that the UN are scuttling around in the dark peering in NZ windows, metaphorically speaking. As has been pointed out - they are not competent to do anything else