Saturday, March 03, 2007

The descent towards La-La Land picks up speed

"After 50 years of being regarded as one of the good things in Kiwi life, Girl Guide biscuits go on sale today fighting a new image as too-sweet baddies.

The biscuits are 25 per cent sugar, and because of this, Nelson's Garin College has banned them and Green Party health spokeswoman Sue Kedgley wants the Guides to change the recipe..."

When will schools stick to doing what they are strugging with- teaching kids to read, write and add up a couple of numbers?

Not friggin' dictate bad food-good food. THAT is the job of parents.

It seems that the role of parent is more and more being taken over by the state. Now nanny wants you to keep their fingers out of the biscuit tin, but you can't slap those fingers away!

Solution? simple- ban the biscuits!
Well, screw you kedgely ya fascist food nazi!- I'm going to buy an extra couple of packets this year AND send them to school with my boys!
I might even butter them- that used to be my favorite way of enjoying a GG biscuit!


Anonymous said...

Most homemade biscuits have the same level of sugar in them adn GG biscuits. I suspect that most bought biscuits do as well if thay don't have even more.

Time for some lable checking.

KG said...

why bother? Anyone who knocks back a Girl Guide biscuit because of the sugar content is a waste of oxygen in any case. :-)

llew said...

But the chocolate ones are still OK right? Say it is SO!!!

Anonymous said...

We left some gg biscuits in a tin, in the steel shed, in the paddock, in the heat for a number of months. When rediscovered the unmelted (they were chocolate GGs) bikkies were still fresh and edible. I for one would not be worrying about the sugar content, but I haven't bought any since.