Sunday, March 04, 2007

Masterton KFC

Two words:

Don't Bother.

The wife caved in to pestering kids and brought 'food' there.

The have matched the rock bottom standards of McD's and started to dig!

One burger was the wrong one, the buns were missing, the dipping sauce was also absent. The latter was sorely missed as the 'chicken' was rock-hard. The chicken popcorn was more like buckshot!

Of course this was only discovered once they got home- 40 minutes from the damned shop.

I await the response to my caustic email!


Lucyna said...

I think eating KFC is like childbirth - after a while you forget just how bad it was. My last experience was a couple of months back. Never again!

Murray said...

You had another kid????

You never mentioned it.

Whaleoil said...

Have I ever told you about the abcess burger my mate once had....think big ball of puss....think omigod, gotta run......baaaaarffff

Lucyna said...

Murray, no. Not yet, anyway.

Barnsley Bill said...

the coleslaw and mashed tattie must have some addictive narcotic ingredient, everything else is shite. They also seem to have cornered the chronic acne employment market.

spam said...

Has anyone notice how s....l....o....w..... the service is?

Anonymous said...

The stench alone from KFC outlets is enough to turn the stomach.