Friday, March 09, 2007

On Police

I see the perennial protesters all turned out to have a crack at their old arch-enemy- the police.

The feral wimmin looked like the usual mob that appear for the usual tired greenie /anti-establishment excused to behave badly.

Do yourselves a favour and get outside the courtroom of the foul bitch that abandoned a child in the bush- or the ones that look on while the piece of shit they are shagging abuses or kills their kids. You might get a litle support for that.

To blame a such a large group (the police) for the UNPROVEN sins of a tiny minority 25 YEARS ago is just bullshit. Predictably, these fembots are all into 'Collective Guilt"- which lefties like to wear as a badge.

Ever hear that group blame crap elsewhere?
All [insert ethnicgroup of choice] are criminals, lazy, smelly, deadbeats...

I think what is really abhorant to these types is sex involving a living penis!


Anonymous said...

No, 'what is really abhorant to these types is' living penis brains wielding replica penises.

Unknown said...

This cabal of feminists have been trying to circumvent the judicial process from day one. By knowingly violating court orders to using the media a carry out a hate campaign they've done everything they can to get what the want without regard for the law.

They have no interest in justice or the law, they simply want everyone with a penis punished for it.

They have promoted a disregard for the law, the legal process and smeared the entire police for in their quest for injustice.

They want mob rule, nothing less.

In the event they have now managed to vilify the police to the point where their net result is more likely to be that more rapes will go unreported now.

Anonymous said...

The police have no one to blame but themselves. For example, how was it possible for Clint Baby to rise to the Olympian heights? And why are only a tiny fraction of rape incidents ever likely to result in a conviction?

Look at the big picture. The police are not part of the solution, and may be a major part of the problem. Which is the point the protestors were making - and rightly so imo.

Anonymous said...

It was hardly a march. A march would imply there was some sort of order and abilty to walk in step. More like a random mingling of anti-Police layabouts, with about as much ability to march as a group bow-legged monkies.

The screaming feminazis and dole bludging rent-a-mob types on that 'march' were looking more for an excuse to display their true anti-Police nature and engage in anti social destruction of property and general loutish behaviour, than about the issues of Police culture and Justice.

I also noticed that those feminazis were protecting themselves from any male sexual attention, either consensual or not, by being extremely ugly, and having no personal hygiene. And their tactic is very effective for them. Not a shag amongst them.

As for that line of Policewomen who were guarding the Wellington Central Police Station, they showed proffesionalism and courage, in the face of a mob of screaming hysterical feminazis, who had not had a bath, changed or washed their clothes, or brushed their teeth in months.

It appears the feminazis are blaming the Police for the aquital of Assistant Commisioner Rickards. The pea-sized brains of the feminazis obviously know nothing about the judicial system, or they would realise that far from the Police 'protecting their own', the Police arrested and charged several of their own. Is that 'protecting' or 'covering up'?

And there are several other players in the whole court process. You have the Investigating Officers, ie the cops who investigate cases and bring them to trial. You have the defence lawyers, who are there to defend their clients from the charges. You have the Crown Prosecutor, who is there to present the Crown's case as to why the Crown believes an offence has taken place. You have the Jury, 12 people good and true, who hear the evidence, and decide, based on the evidence, if the accused is guilty or not guilty.

And the general public should take note, that the Jury hears court evidence, and the general public only hears media evidence. Some may have trouble understanding the difference, but people of reasonable intelligence should understand what I mean.

If the screaming feminazis have anyone to blame and vent their anger on, then it should be the Crown Prosecutor.

Personally, I believe Clint Rickards is innocent of these latest charges, and was not involved at all. He admitted to shagging Loiuse Nicholas, but it was consensual, and the Jury believed him in both cases.

Unknown said...

Fact Clint Ricards is innocent.

The police didn't have any control over the jury.

Twice some woman has plucked a complaint out of history and been given multiple shots at getting it throught - SEVENTEEN DIFFERENT STATEMENTS from one of them!

This is simply political harassment from a group with an agenda.

You want true rape allegations to get a guilty verdict then I suggest you stop being fronted by a group who have NO interest in the law or its process.

You might want to look at the number of false complaints made including the ones from the most recent failed attempt to stitch up Ricards. How about pushing for justice there and have them fucking prosecuted?

No didn't think so.

Oswald Bastable said...

The whole affair is a tale of sleazes and sluts.

They weren't in short supply then and they sure ain't now!

That's all folks!

Anonymous said...

You have got to love someone with your frankness.
They were the ugliest women I have seen for a while. Who would want to rape them?

Oswald Bastable said...

I have had more than a few fuglys over the years.

Who was raped!