Thursday, March 01, 2007

Perhaps they could move to france!

The poor are whining again.


Housing is too expensive, they say.

'...Moe Pulelua shares her kitchen with 11 other families but she says emergency housing is better than the street.
"If we want to go to a rent house it's too expensive for us," she says..."

There are reasons that rentals are expensive. Tenants in these areas tend to be hard on other people's property (Their own too, for that matter!)

Landlords have to make a profit, or renting is pointless.

In any case, why should one have what they cannot pay for?

What 'right' do they have to demand more than that?

For most of the 3rd world migrants- take a big cup of STFU. Where you came from, a garage with a concrete floor was modern apartment living!

Garages are dry, cheap clothes are available from the salvos and other do-gooders- that covers warmth and the garden tap provides water as good as that in the million dollar upmarket mansion.

Lastly- consider moving out of Auckland- there is lots of work in the country. (unfortunatly it is WORK!)


Libertyscott said...

Excellent post, the same is in London. People are homeless, and it is a very expensive city to live in - but they stay!! It is cheap in most of the rest of the UK but they don't want to leave the excitement.

Write Disability said...

You're a hard man Oswald.

But don't stop on my account...

Brian Smaller said...

Hard on properties? I have lived for years in the same house without chipping the paint on the skirting boards, door frames etc. Repaint a rental and within a year or two there are chips everywhere. I don't know how they do it.

KG said...

I rent. I also look after the property, fix most minor faults and always leave it in a better state than when I moved in.
The lowlifes are making it hard for both landlords and other tenants.
Screw 'em.

Anonymous said...

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