Tuesday, March 27, 2007

'P' maker frys


"...Detective Sergeant Greg Murton, of the Christchurch police drug squad, said it was believed a P lab was operating and the explosion happened during a "cook".
"A person was hospitalised with 50 per cent burns over their body, with full thickness burns over 30 per cent," he said..."

What can I say but- "Ha-Ha!"

Sympathy- it's found in the dictionary between 'Shit' and 'Syphilis'


Barnsley Bill said...

This evening quite by accident i happened to walk past the TV whilst the news was on and this cretin was being described. As they mentioned his burns I laughed so hard Heineken sprayed from my nose extravagantly in fact I would liken it to how a dragon with hay fever might emit fire. The range and spread of the Heineken was splendid. Unfortunately Lady Barnsley is humourless when it comes to most of the vileness that leaks from time to time out of me and I have spent the evening visiting Coventry. I hope the nurses are keeping flaming P boys meds on short rations because he has caused short rations to be introduced at barnsley Manor.

Mrs Smith said...

Shame on Lady Barnsley. You should be rewarded handsomely for your performance.

Brian Smaller said...

The only trouble is that we still get to spend a zillion dollars looking after this cretin at the burns unit and then years of rehab. They should be stabalised, and themn thrown out with no more money spent on them. Leave the plastic surgery and rehab for those who deserve it.

Barnsley Bill said...

Dear Mrs Smith, thank you. I would show your comments to my humourless lady but since she caught me reading about your pineapple flavoured fu fu I am not alllowed to look at your blog. You are now a naughty daytime pleasure.

Leonidas said...

It ALMOST seemed to be justice in the universe.... untill the small fact is remembered: we still pay for it, one way or the other. why is it when something appears just, there is always a nasty little surprise at the end?.

MK said...

Yeah i was also hoping the fellow could have all his possessions confiscated to pay for the treatment. After all i don't see any drug pushers stating the truth on their tax returns and coughing up their fair share.

Perhaps the hospital staff could arrange for him to get in the way of a speeding ambulance, these things happen, accidents, you know.

Oh well at least the scum got burnt after playing with fire.

Murray said...

Good plan an accident.

Its not like we have to pay for his ACC!!!!

James said...

Another waste of money thanks to the war on drugs....sigh.