Sunday, March 25, 2007

Got an old Italian Rifle or an axe?

I don't suppot asassination- it just gives the control freak more reasons to screw us law-abiding types.

But I can't figure out why SOMEBODY in NZ doesn't have enough of a axe to grind to give it a go.

It just show what an apathetic bloody lot we are. Or unimaginative.

Isn't there a Lee Harvey Oswald out there?

Someone who has been totally fucked over by IRD- who has lost everything and just wants to take some bastard with him?

It could be said that we are too civilised to do this.


Too goddamned pussywhipped, more like.

Our suicides just don't consider helping the greater good and taking out the trash with themselves.

At least the sand-suckers manage to do that...


Murray said...

And theres the problem. Our politicians aren't afraid of us.

Andy Moore said...

All Christchurch is encouraged to make the time to attend the Public March To Protest Anti-Smacking Bill.

When? Wednesday 28 March 12pm
Where? Victoria Square (close to Cathedral Square
Speakers: Simon Barnett and Gary McCormick from MoreFM's show Si&Gary, Ali Jones from NewsTalk ZB. has all the information plus a map of where to meet.

This is quite likely the most significant protest march you will ever attend - do not miss it. We must show the Government - who have been ignoring the public - exactly what us Kiwis do think on this crucial issue.

Good parents will be criminalised if Bradford's bill becomes Law.

Make sure that it doesn't by supporting the march!

There will be marches also in Wellington, Nelson and Fielding. has all the information on these marches, plus news updates, polls to vote in, petition forms and info on how to email the MPs.

Murray said...

You know Andy rather than comment spamming you could have emailed all of us and ASKED.

We would have linked.

Be taken for granted is what we have families for.

Andrei said...

Does anybody know who Lee Harvey Oswald was?"
--- That's easy. Almost every hand goes up.
"Private Snowball?"
Private Snowball says, "He shot Kennedy, Sir!"
"That's right. And do you know how far away
he was?"
"It was pretty far. From that book
suppository building, sir!"

"Two hundred and fifty" feet. He was two
hundred and fifty feet away and shooting at a
moving target. He got off three shots with a bolt action rifle in six seconds, and got two hits,
including a head shot. Do you know where those
men learned to shoot like that?"
No one knows. Joker raises his hand.
"Private Joker."
"In the Marines sir?"
"In the Marines. Outstanding! Now those
people did not put their Marine training to a good
purpose but they showed what a Marine with his
rifle can do, and before I am through you will all
be able to do the same thing."

Anonymous said...

Murray is right but killing someone is an awful thing to contemplate. We can get results if we stick together but we are so fragmented and self centred chasing the govt goodies (that they pinched from us in the first place) that we have lost sight of the goal.