Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hurling stuff

I was thinking along the line as the chaps in the above picture, who are happily flinging grenages further than the chaps in the other trench..

'Hmmm- this Onager can really fling stuff- maybe we need a projectile that explodes'Trouble is, when bits break off- like the throwing arm- Mr Bomb is not your friend.

Even a small one!

Maybe flinging concrete balls will be enough excitement!


Unknown said...

Yes we need to be a little more sure that Mr Projectile is going to travel further forward of the actual mangonel before we start testing incendiary munitions I think.

Especially since I had no idea where the ball had gone till it landed right next to me.

Anonymous said...

surely there is little point it throwing projectiles if they can be thrown back?..... Best ammo for a catapult has got to be the hostages heads.