Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cultural Treasures!

Found in a gunshop near me today!

A .455 Webley MkVI in excellent condition- it has hardly been used and stored by somebody who knows firearms. You can keep the silly wooden spears & stone clubs- this is the gun that kept the damned natives in line for 1/2 a century!

I was intending going to the auctions to try and get hold of one- anything in any halfway reasonable condition would have done, but this one was a real gem. Complete with holster and reloading dies- this ain't going to sit on the shelf and get looked at!

So of course I brought it!

Well worth going without sex for a while!


Murray said...

We do not make fun of the rocks there fellow.

Anonymous said...

The finest handgun on the planet. Bravo! What year?

[To reload: Trim down 45 Long Colt brass. Mount the shortened case in a drill chuck and use a fine file to skim down the front of the rim. It's also possible to bodge 45ACP brass - use a punch to peen 4 or 5 mini-rims on each case. Off the shelf cast 45ACP 200gr bullets work well for reloading and are gentle on the brass.]

Fiocci make an excellent factory load but they are very pricy, the brass is thin and the load is rather stiff.]

Oswald Bastable said...

No problem- the dealer I brought it from has Hornady brass in stock.

I always have a good supply of cast bullets, having 5 other .45 caliber firearms!

Oswald Bastable said...

I'm fairly sure the year is 1917

Anonymous said...

Hi Oswald: I did a lot of pistol shooting overseas. Your post has resparked my interest. In your opinion what's the best way to get back into it? I have a A Cat licence and am broadly familiar with the legal requirements for pistols. Thanks in advance!

Oswald Bastable said...

Firstly, find your nearest club- you must be a member of a pistol club.

Google Pistolnz and you will find the website with all the contact details for clubs.

Anonymous said...

Oswald: Many thanks - I'll follow up on this.

Oswald Bastable said...

It's a 1916, not 1917.

Just tried turning down a .45 Colt case and it works a treat, but I found .455 cases at Belmont Ammunition at $62/100

Mechanically, it is as new- only one screw was slightly marked and 99% of the original finish is intact. The leather holster needs a couple of stitches and a polish, but that is easy.

Adolf said...

I do hope you bought it before you brought it. Ever the pedant, your respectful servant, Adolf.

Mark said...

Now all you need is the bayonet!