Friday, March 02, 2007

Situations for the Vacant

Are you a?

Disfunctional individal with a massive chip on your shoulder?
Unable to relate to other people?
Have a permanantly pessimistic outlook on Life, The Universe and Everything?
A total anal-retentive

If you have:

A permanant lemon-sucking look
No manners
No gratitude
No social graces whatsoever
No talent for anything productive or useful

And like to:

Endlessly find fault
Torment others with petty nit-picking
Feel despised

While being well- paid for it!

Your local council has a position for you!


Anonymous said...

You should know better than this Oswald, the persona is not pre-existing. These organisations are not risk takers, so the attributes you describe are cloned 'in house.' Safer that way, more predictable product.
... & I too have experienced similar frustrations & intense angst as the recipient of their unwavering rule governed, oh so selkf righteous, intellects.
... sad buggers really.

Unknown said...

Oooo ooo pick me pick me!

Set me up with an interview that I can not bother to go to and bitch about when I don't get the job.

KG said...

You've been reading my mail....

Anonymous said...

Sounds an awful lot like Green Party mantra to me......