Sunday, March 11, 2007

I'm from the government- I'm here to help you!

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But don't fail to be one of Nanny's compulsary little helpers- OR ELSE!

Jury duty is one of those tasks I am exempt from- in fact I have never done it- not that I would activly avoid it! (Although I have gotten a few out of it!)

I was exempted as Armed Services and it seem the flag was never removed from my name. Then after a stint in Corrections I got a 'Get out of Court Free' for life.

It would see that Corrections types have a poor opinion of our underclass. Only because we do, mind!


Mrs Smith said...

Mr Smith has been asked many times to do jury service - me, never. I am quite annoyed. I think it could be exciting. I would even buy a nice black hat to give my inevitable death-penalty verdict.

Barnsley Bill said...

I was called a week after my 18th Birthday back in the UK, i got out of it twice in three months and then when called for a third time was left with no out. Duly turned up and sat through three case in a week. Everybody was guilty of course, reactionary being strong in me even at that tender age.
If called again and now in my early 40's I would be happy to attend if paid the same hourly rate as the lawyers. Judges and lawyers vomiting forth about civic duty gives me the shits. Do they work for free?

Barnsley Bill said...

Furthermore, I believe it is getting decidedly risky to serve on a jury. With Klarke and her female skinhead legions deciding that juries are no longer sufficient to achieve the desired outcome, how long before a juror gets the bash for not delivering the verdict the public have been told to want.

Anonymous said...

The last time I got called up here, I ignored the summons.

So they sent a different kind of summons. One with personal service.

My ass got hauled up in court. Got off with $60.00 in court costs and no fine because I didn't bullshit the judge, unlike some of the other dip[shits that thought they could blow smoke up his ass.

He asked me why I didn't appear. I looked him square in the eye and said because I blew it off thinking they wouldn't follow up on it, and sorry.

I guess my candoe was refreshing - some of the others got smacked with court costs and hundreds in fines.

Oi said...

I got called up 5 times in one year. [my occupation in the electoral roll was shown as civil servant] Each time, I rang the registrar and told him that as a serving cop, I would be pleased to serve and convict any of those guilty bastards they cared to wheel out in front of me.
Needless to say, my offer was declined, even though Police are not an occupation that is exempt from jury service, stangely enough.
On the last time I asked if my name could be flagged somehow, and was told, no - the selection was made manually out of a printed electoral roll.
So much for the advance of technology.