Saturday, March 24, 2007

Morons and Lotto

Like moths to an outside light bulb, really.

If I were a recruiter for a company carrying out dodgy medical experiments, a Lotto outlet would be a great place to find 2-legged lab rats.

It seems that every line leading to a lotto counter has a ratio of 50% dotty old tarts on final countdown to a rest home (AKA Pre-Death Storage Facility)

For some reason which eludes me, they always have a wad of mutilated tickets to check, which they save up until Saturday- the only day the typical lotto outlet has a queue. That done, they will precede to produce a coupon which is so worn/marked that it cannot be scanned. This means the lotto operater- another creature who, like Poo, has a Very Small Brain- must make corrections manually (slowly)

They refuse to replace this manky peice of paper because 'It's my LUCKY coupon'

If it's so friggin' lucky- WHY ARE YOU HERE?

What the hell these animated corpses would do with the money anyway!

Leave it to a home for used cats?


Unknown said...

Funny, I don't recall seeing you there when I went through.

Anonymous said...

Lotto is a voluntary tax on stupidity.

Unknown said...

Better that than a compulsory tax to buy power for fucking communists who then want to "pay it back" with our money as well.

BTW they've paid back how much, oh right not a cent.

I think idiocy could be better measured by voting habits than how people chose to send their own damn money in this country.

Oi said...

every now and again, I make a donation to the lotto funds, on the premise that I almost certainly wont win anything, but if I DONT have a ticket, I know damned well, that I'm not going to get anything

Oswald Bastable said...

Similar for me, I make my charitable donation when the powerball gets up to about 4 mill.

I question the sanity of those who have no money and routinely spend large amounts on lotto, sure that next time they will hit the big one!

This goes double for those playing keno or instant kiwi!

I spent 14 years doing technical support for lotteries. The tales of stupidity I witnessed across the board (sellers, buyers and those 'running' lotto) would fill a book!

Anonymous said...

Don't bother with powerball. By spending the same money on more lines on a normal lotto ticket you improve the odds of winning something. Powerball just gives you 1 change in 8 of winning a bigger prize if you win a prize in the first place.

Andrei said...

This means the lotto operater- another creature who, like Poo, has a Very Small Brain- must make corrections manually (slowly)

Steady on Oswald - my oldest two girls do that job.

It helps keep them in lipstick, eyeliner and clothes as well as ballet shoes as they pursue their educations.

Mind you they are hopeless when it comes to selling me a winning ticket.

The ones I get from them are always duds.