Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Stampeding towards insanity!

"An off-duty police officer has been disciplined after stopping a boy who appeared to be tagging a public toilet.
Police say officers are increasingly reluctant to intervene if they see crimes being committed while they are off duty, fearing they may face charges as a result of their actions..."

More details on this Bullshit!

It seems apparent now, that police management is now in total thralldom to the Liarbour sisterhood.

The police force is being managed into becoming a pussywhipped shadow of its former self. All because of a small percentage of thugs with a penchant for grubby sex and (probably nearer the mark) because of long grudges held by leftie politicos after recieving a twating during the 1981 madness and before that, the Vietnam war protests.

They are going to wind up like the police of the future in "The Demolition Man"!

But they can still issue tax invoices/traffic tickets!


KG said...

We're rapidly getting to the point where all the police are used for (apart from revenue gathering) is to enforce increasingly petty and restrictive laws on middle-class white people. Anything else is either too hard or too politically sensitive.
The U.K. police have already reached that point--issuing warning notices to serial burglars even as they arrest 85 year old grannies for "racial abuse" when they tell yobs to piss off and stop terrorising the neighbourhood.
We're not far behind.

Leonidas said...


During discussions at work today, we came to the conclusion that the decline started when scruff were allowed to verbally abuse police without consequence, and the slow but sure erosion of social comport has become an avalanche where cops are powerless and poor bastards just trying to protect themselves and the public are put on trial. What's required here "Is a Dick, with some balls". Those south park boys see things a lot clearer than most would give credit for.

Anonymous said...

Politically approved plasticine police commissioners are directly to blame in recent years.

But a plod culture of indolence and inefficiency going back decades provided the opportunity the pollies needed to take control.

Ash said...

As anon says, politically appointed commissioners on contract for 3 years has a lot to do with it.
Started when Piggy tried to browbeat Bob Walton over the Springbok tour. Bob wouldnt be browbeaten, so piggy and his mob changed the rules, placing the commissioner on renewable contract, thus ensuring if he wanted a job in 3 years, all he had to say when told to jump, was "How High Sir?"

Walton was the last real Policeman that held the position, all since have been innefectual yesmen.

Of course, the commissioner has had to place all his so-called "commissioned officers" on contract too, just in case they want to do real police work, upsetting the political applecart thus jeopardising the commissioners job.

Ash said...

And while I'm up there on the soapbox, a further major factor in the deteriorating field of law enforcement, was the hijacking of the NZ Police by the Ministry Of Transport, road traffic division in 1994.
Once cops concentrated on criminals, now they concentrate on motorists, only SOME of whom are criminals

Oswald Bastable said...

Further to that, the only cops I know that fit the catagory of sleazy unprincipled bastards got in via the MOT!