Thursday, March 08, 2007

A worthy cause to consider supporting

I have often ranted on the subject of welfare.

I have occasionaly explained that my rantings only concern the parasites that freeload off us all- as a matter of lifestyle choice.
So why do they bug me so much?
Because the are stealing from the genuine cases who need help. Those who deserve the 'Gold-Plated' welfare option. The disabled who have been dealt a shit hand in life.
For them, I would happily pay my taxes- even if they were voluntary!
Intensive teaching/tutoring with Asperger's has been shown to get results and so many of these kids are very talented. The talent just needs unlocking.
I have a child who is at the other end of the ASD spectrum. He is one of the ones who actually recieves funding to help at school. Funding we gratefully recieve and accept.
I'm just hoping he will talk one day.
So I put the politics of another blogger aside- this is about a child who needs help and will do well from it.


llew said...

Good on you.

Now. I've actually come here with an apparent hatstand comment, but no doubt you'll guess where I've just been.

Out of interest - what sort of apples do you use for making scrumpy?

Oswald Bastable said...

Whatever is free! (i think they are braeburns)