Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Womans refuges in trouble

Here is another slant on the problem.

How about some of those women taking some responsibility for getting themselves in the prediciment they find themselves in? Sometimes personalities change the moment you move in- hell, I've found that out the hard way! But this is more the exception to the rule.

A hell of a lot of them need to start using the grey matter before moving in with some worthless POS.
Most of the time anyone with one eye opened and a couple of brain cells rattling around in the cranium could spot a lowlife not far enough up the evolutionary ladder to bring up a hairball, much less a family. Isn't the substance abuse, history of violence and the fact that he has been in and out of prison enough? How about the other abandoned offspring?

These are hogging the places of those deserving a place through no fault of their own.

Moving in with a lowfire with form knowingly- you get as much as you deserve.

That's not a popular point to make, but is true, neverless.


Lindsay said...

I've used this before but the best illustration of your point is British psychiatrist Theodore Dalrymple's account of how he asks the many, many victims of domestic abuse he treats, Do you think I could have predicted his behaviour?

Yes, they say.

How, he asks? The victim goes on to list all the identifiers ....

Why did she ignore them?

coge said...

Violence like welfare perpetuates in cycles. I guess if a young girl grows up without any positive male role models, she won't learn how a good man acts. Mums shithead boyfriends make sure of this.

Call me old fashioned but a positive Dad/Daughter relationship is very important thing.

Blue Tune said...

Agreed Coge. Girls with a positive relationship with their dads are less likely to get pregnant in their teenage years and most likely to set high standards before letting a man into their lives.

libertyscott said...

In the distant past, evolution tended to knock this out a bit. Deadbeats died from laziness and incompetence, and most women didn't wasnt to associate with them. Fundamentally the women choosing the useless men are looking for love and attention, since they have been taught by the education system and by their friends that esteem comes from others, not from within.

Anonymous said...

The bloody welfare system keeps the bottom of the heap alive thats the problem In the good old days natural selection meant the useless ones died or were killed off. Now we just keep on paying like a bloody ATM machine

peterquixote said...

it a major tragedy and we can laugh but it sad, you just do not get sad kids and mad women who have a good dad, good dad is a ziullion dollars

Anonymous said...

Any woman that get involved with a violent, deadbeat male is a woman to avoid.