Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Tough Shit!

There is disappointment over a judge's decision not to award compensation to the family of smoker Janice Pou.,,11964-5727412,00.html

Here is a win for common sense and personal responsibility- something not seen all that often in NZ.

If you choose to smoke- accept that you will probably suffer health problems and earlier death as a result. End of friggin' story!

You have nobody to blame but yourself.

I might have a bit of sympathy for those who acquired the habit in the battlefields of WW2, otherwise, sympathy is to be found in the dictionary between 'Shit' and 'Syphillis'


peterquixote said...

do yous have any comment to make bastable about them USA soldier coming home with bad habit from iraq, yous a smart joker and i think you will,

Oswald Bastable said...

They are a bit better informed about smoking than those that fought in the forties and don't have free cigarettes supplied (I think!)

Anonymous said...

My late dad was in WW2 He wasnt a smoker when he went but as they were issued cigarettes weekly after a while he started as he couldnt give them away or sell them except when on R@R He died in 2004 at 85yrs of lung cancer.Still he had a good innings and only suferred in the last couple of months.Can you imagine the NZ government issuing the modern eqvialent say P to the SAS guys now

Anonymous said...

I read in the newspaper that the cigarette company says that people make their own choice.

This lady did not want to smoke.She could not stop because she was addicted.

Also another point to note is why should we let an industry like the tobacco industry operate when they know they are killing people?

Brian Smaller said...

Boo Hoo Mr Anonymous. The fact is that Janice Pou didn't quit because she didn't want to. If my nicotine addicted mother and father could both give up forty-fifty year habits overnight then Janice Pou could have. She was weak willed and stupid.