Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Who's paying the bills meathead?

This one seems to have been produced with Fiji or the Wairarapa in mind. Getting a tradesman to commit to a day and time is like getting a 19 year-old lad to commit to a wedding date!

"Sometime in the next couple of days" seems to be the most precise timeframe on offer.

Returning a phone call is something out of a Tui ad...

It's a double bastard when you are not the one with the authority to tell them 'go stuff it' and in any case, you know the opposition is no better.

It's the old thing of never admitting you are too busy to do the job this week, least the customer goes elsewhere. - News flash- He's going to do that when you keep friggin' lying to him!

I know one plumbing firm that takes these lessons to heart and actually communicates with customers, advises of delays, gets the workers there ASAP and on time and has someone in the office to take calls and answer questions.

Is it a co-incidence that the owner is continually expanding the business?

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