Saturday, May 06, 2006

Naenae- a state funded shithole!

Lindsay doesn't like Naenae. I don't like it either!

It's a squalid, nasty place, as you so often get when there is a cluster of state houses. The row along the railway line are notorious for using the rail corridor as a rubbish dump, so much so that an excavator and trucks are regularly needed to clean this strip out. It's quite a site to see the rats bailing out of the trucks!

To look at the buildings, it would seem that sales of spray paint cans exceed sales of personal hygiene products and that roller doors are the most popular sort of shop frontage.

The main exports are prison inmates, dole bludgers and DPB spongers (note that I differentiate them from those who have a taxpayer-funded income for temporary support) The main employers are WINZ, CYPS, TAB and the Naenae hotel.

A six-metre chain-link fence around the perimeter would be an improvement and would make for a view such as is found in places like Rimutaka prison- the inhabitants should be quite familiar with this!

It's even worse than Masterton!


Lindsay Mitchell said...

...the same corridor election hoardings go up. Time after time I would re-erect signs while thugs sneered from across the road, picking my way through all the dog shit they had thrown across there. The signs were either trashed, hurled onto the lines, or spray painted. One day I found sanitary pads taped to them.

I arrived in NZ in 1968. Started at Avalon school and used to visit the Naenae shopping centre regularly. Had my heart set on a jigsaw puzzle which took me 6 weeks to save up for. The place has degenerated badly in the ensuing period. Nobody will ever convince me it's not the benefit system. This is DPB capital of the lower North Island.

Anonymous said...

I work in market research and a couple of weeks ago I spent two days knocking on doors in the upper Seddon St. area of Naenae. I encountered a couple who were on a benefit, she had never worked in her life and was pregnant and just round the corner in another street I encountered another couple, she a chinese immigrant he a New Zealander, combined income in excess of $100k and owning several investment properties. Such is the nature of Naenae, very friendly people, easy to talk to and people comfortably off living in the same street as those on a benefit.

Murray said...

So correct me if I'm wrong here but I'm picking up a bit of a don't like Naenae vibe here.

BTW I grew up in state housing. But then it was a Navy housing area and I suspect it was tad different.

Oswald Bastable said...

Back in the same time- late 60's I used to live in Taita. BAck then Naenae had what was for the time a very good shopping centre.

As kids, we would go down to the Saturday afternoon movies at Naenae- travelled by train, all unescorted at age nine!

What has happened since then?

Peter McK said...

It is a hit hole - but not unique - has anyone been to Wainui (maybe more working people there which therefore makes it a better place)

My brother-in-law lives there. I avoid the place like the plague it is. If we visit I use NaeNae to point out to my children why they need to work hard at school, get a university education and make the right life decisions. Otherwise they will end up with a fag hanging out of their mouth, on a benefit, poor, no holidays, no choices, unhappy, and snotty nosed children (no father to be seen), and wearing clothes from the op shop.

They will also end up with a massive butt.

My children understand this and do not like to visit NaeNae. I am proud that they (aged 6 and 8) hate even driving thru the place (foot an the gas and windows wound up)

Murray said...

I feel the same about parliment Peter.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Didn't they turn the cinema into a bingo hall? Don't know what it is now. I was in Naenae again today. Trying to turn this kid around. Desperately down in the dumps today because the boyfriend is going inside for two years. I pointed out to her that she was constantly on the verge of chucking him anyway. But now he's going to prison he's taken on some kind of mystical aura. Somehow though the vow of chastity is about as convincing as her aim to become a lawyer.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... I am probably the couple that mark v was talking about earlier!
But you guys are right, Naenae is a bit of a dump. On the other hand, it is starting to pick up a bit as it is still one of the most affordable place in Lower Hutt that is not as far as Stokes Valley nor as damp as Wainuiomata.

We hate the dole bludger neighbours and their big exhaust car, but hey, we just close the window and never forget to set the burglar alarm.

I do wish for a day when Naenae is filled with first home owners again, and not the fringe dwellers who is constantly at the WINZ office. Actually, I only know of 4 other couple in Naenae that is not a dole bludger!

Oswald Bastable said...

It's true that may run-down suburbs get a lew lease on life through being affordable to first home buyers.

Addington in Christchurch would be one example, Featherston where I live is another.

Houses start getting renovated, prices rise and landlords sell up to turn a profit on investment properties. The riff-raff drift away in seach of cheaper hovels.

What stuffs the process up is when there are a sizable proportion of state houses, unaffected by moves in the rest of the market. The undesirables have to incentive to move along.

And the first home buyers tend to look elsewhere. They are moving to the Wairarapa before Naenae.

Brian Smaller said...

I have to agree. Go for a drive almost anywhere in Naenae on any night at 10pm and you will see kids playing out on the streets. I mean little kids. My kids complain when I send them to bed at 7.30pm and they are 8 and 10.

Kiwi Bloke said...

Oswald, you're from Featherston, right? What is the main money earner there, mate? Isn't it harvesting season soon? Sorry, hydroponics is all year round! Don't pick on Masterton!