Monday, May 22, 2006

This looks like a winner idea!

I was thinking of Not PC's piece on urban sprawl here when I read this:

Innovative subdivision for Weraiti


One of the largest and most innovative subdivisions ever to appear in Wairarapa is about to be launched for public submission.

It'll be for people who want all the joy of living in the country, without all the commitment of land control.

Adopting a new concept in land development and unique to this region, the farm park subdivision takes in 74 hectares of undulating farmland atop the Weraiti hill, east of Masterton, commanding stunning 360 degree views of hill country and the valley floor to the Tararuas.
The big difference between this and other rural subdivisions is that the proposed 54 housing sites are all around only half a hectare each, with the surrounding farmland grazed by a farmer, all managed by a body corporate.

More: Here

Sounds like a great idea- A lot here are buying 'lifestyle blocks' but are finding them too hard to look after properly. Here you get the best of both worlds.

Now let's wait for the great NZ clobbering machine A.K.A. the RMA to swing into action...

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Anonymous said...

careful in yous praise ostable, that body corporate, designed for scurrily developer,