Wednesday, May 17, 2006

One rule for the peasents, one for the rulers...

"The Court of Appeal has dismissed a lawsuit over the Auckland RSA killings. Sole survivor Susan Couch and Tai Hobson, whose wife died in the 2001 attack, sued the Department of Corrections for $2.5 million. They blame the department for allowing killer William Bell to work as a barman at the RSA while on probation. "


Continuing with the trend of total failure to accept any form of responsibility, this case has been chucked out. As if it ever had a chance of success!
Of course, if a builder stacks something wrong which falls on someone or an electrician hooks up the wrong wire- the full power of the SState descends upon them, with great wrath and vengence.

How screwed up is that?


Actually, I'm not quite correct in saying the SState won't compensate someone for their employee's screw-ups. Provided they are a prison inmate at the time, they will be compensated for 'suffering'

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Murray said...

Another proud kiwi moment.