Sunday, May 07, 2006

Dancing with the Stars

Another reason I hardly watch TV!

Not being on some kind of benefit, I can't afford Sky (do WINZ 'clients' get a discount?)

I don't give a rat's about who is on it of why they feel the need. The real question is- who would want to watch such a big bag of baboon's bollocks?

Have women descended so far they can't read Mills & Boone?

As for any 'Man' that would watch such things- He deserves what Sodom & the other place got!

I bet it's popular in Naenae!


Anonymous said...

yes WINZ client do get special benefit, you go in there and find the maori team leader and you say look i been watching the MaoriTV and them poor vanuatu sugar slaves and I been crying and crying so much that i need to learn more about editing and video and stuff to make dvd aboiut them cruel white bastard right free market and they say we can see you come a long way since you first drifted and here this benefit for you go home watch yours leader make the ass of hisself but what can you do when you leitenant go to join the army and you membership less than 500,

Murray said...

As articulate and comrehesible as usual.

What IS this issue you have with Naenae, were you bitten by one as a child?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I life in Naenae.. and.. (shame on me) I did watch the show! Ws just wondering how it is really.. HAHAHAHA..

Disclaimer: We do not have kids and do not take benefit from WINZ or IRD nor do we live in a state house, we do not have boy racer car, nor red nose pit bulls or dress exclusively from The Warehouse :)

In fact, our combined imcome probably raise the average income in Naenae by about.. $20,000 :)

But yeah, you right. Nanenae ppl probably do watch the show.

Anonymous said...

pardon me... LIVE not LIFE

Murray said...


Its the comments system that can't spell not us!