Thursday, May 04, 2006

Addictions are for the spineless.

I've seen more than a few people, whom I would not consider particularly strong-willed, in general, beat addictions.

I've also seen some strong willed folk totally fail to do the same.

If you really want to you can get off the booze, smack or fags- It's down to the individual and what they want. If you want to stop a habit, it can be done- it isn't impossible. Hard- for sure, but not impossible.

My mother stopped smoking in her late fifties and hasn't lit up in over seven years now. My wife's great-grandmother gave it away at ninety (she thought she was getting a bit old for 'that sort of thing'!)

People with a lifetime of addiction- they just stopped- because they wanted to. Not because some wanker nanny-state enthusiast said they should or because they read the pathetic bloody warnings on the packs!

If someone says they wanted to quit but couldn't- I say they don't want to quit bad enough!

That is entirely their problem.

As for the tobacco companies flogging a product that kills people if used correctly- they would be out of business in very short order if people stopped buying the bloody product!

Nanny state loves to legislate against all it percieves as bad for us stupid citizens that can't/won't look after itself. Why not tobacco?

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