Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Lies, Utter Bullshit and Government Press Releases

Whop-de-do! The govamint are to recruit 1000 police.

What will the net gain be after retirement and the usual number telling their employer to get stuffed?

An number very close to, if not actually, zero.

I'm sure there are many out there that would love to be a cop and even be happy with the shit money it pays. Unfortunatly, a great many of the wannabes wouldn't be fit to be town dogcatcher.

The sort of person with the intelligence , common sense and self-discipline to be a good policeman is the sort of person in great demand for many other positions.

Why would they want to work in a thankless, poorly paid job for a backstabbing snake-in-the-grass employer?

Buggered if I know!

I'm just glad some of them do!

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Retired Copper said...

I was a cop for around a ¼ century.
In the 70s and early 80s, we could actually catch criminals and sort out problems.
Then the process of legislation against the community commenced. The Bill Of Rights Act. An enactment with laudable aims, but with no forethought in its construction.
It was intended to protect joe Citizen from the unwanted intrusions of the state. Unfortunately, it also protected Joe Burglar [a citizen] from the unwanted intrusions of the state in the form of the Police. Wonderful!
The Children And Young Persons Act.
The best thing to ever happen to the youth scene!
Now the youthful thugs could tell the Police to fuck-off and the Police have to do just that!
The paranoia over the Police image.
Just a whisper of a complaint that jimmy Snotbag got a smack round the ear when he was caught spraypainting the $25,000 frontage of the towns biggest retailer and made to wash it off. Armies of internal investigative cops jerk into instant action.

Hell - I could handle anything that came at me from the front, it was what was coming at me from within the departmental shadows I found hard to stomach! [and I am not talking about those rare cops who turned out to be criminals themselves, such as John [Hone] Mikare. These blots on the landscape deserved everything that came their way]
The other thing that jams my gears is, that in the mis 70s, there were some 5200 sworn cops.
I marched out of training college and became the 7th member of a section in a sleepy provincial city that proudly possessed one [1] burglar alarm in the entire business district.

When I retired at the turn of the century, we had 4, sometimes 5 cops and a sgt on section in the same sized town.
Sworn members actually had in creased, there were around 7 thousand. One thousand of these, were the one thousand traffic cops that John Banks forced into the Police, thereby crippling the Police public relations.

Of course, crime stayed just as static as Police numbers did over that period.
Yeah - Right!!!!!