Sunday, May 14, 2006

Reality Check

Young Workers Want Inspiration

NewstalkZBA survey reveals young workers will move on if their manager is not dynamic enough

Spokeswoman Kim Smith says the main reason the group leaves jobs is because they want to work for a manager who is inspirational. She says they want a boss who can lead and motivate them, as well as being a trainer and mentor. Low pay is another reason for quitting.


Here is a reality check, younglings.

On entering the workplace you WILL get all the shit jobs, you WILL do all the scut-work, You WILL be paid less.

That's because you are worth less than a more seasoned worker. Get over it.

Get the crap you picked up in school out of your head. You ain't someone special, just another wage slave. You ARE expected to deliver and deliver more than a 'completed' on your tasks. You won't be the CEO or even senior management anytime soon (I'm not counting duty manager at McD's here!) You will find respect is earned, not a due.

Get that sorted and you can start moving somewhere.

To those with kids about to leave high school, I recommend a year in some scut work, such as fast food, labouring or process worker. THEN go to university, having learnt a few lesson at the school of hard knocks.

They will find Uni a lot more of a cruise and will accept being at the bottom of the food chain on graduating with more grace.

Remember-all generals start out as a pimply second lieutenant!


Rick said...

Have you forgoten politics?

Anonymous said...

Agree 100% with you Both my kids worked in counter jobs of various sorts both at college and at Uni.Great training for them.Learnt service skills how to treat a customer how to take orders from a boss.In fact I think it should be complusory for kids going to Uni etc to have to do this type of work

Murray said...

Here's some inspiration.

No work no money. Get off your ass or starve.

And many generals actually started as privates.

Sir David Beatty started out as a boy seaman. (Let the inudeno flow).