Saturday, May 13, 2006

Human Rights Wankers

"Police should not be trusted with taser stun guns in light of recent controversy over possible abuses of pepper spray, human rights groups say. "

More moonbat dribble here:

What can I say but FUCK YOU!

These twats cry when some thug get a dose of 9mm poisoning, but don't want any options harsher than a stern talking-to available!

It's so easy to be critical and judge all police work on the odd excess that occurs. Try facing down drunk and aggro creeps daily for a living. Try dealing with the scum of the earth at their worst. Now and then some cops lose the plot- it's no wonder. When they get caught, they get punished. You might thing such things are covered up- they are- from the public. That doen't mean a cop who screws up gets off- they come down real hard on their own. Behind closed doors if at all possible.

But never forget they are all that keeps these scumbags from running totally amok and invading you comfortable towm house and stealing, raping and beating at will.

I would love some for these bleeding hearts to do some prison time. Not the holiday camp wings in minumum, but somewhere real scummy like most of the high medium and maxi wings. Where scribble-faces will make free with your posessions and orifices.

They would be wanting the Tasers replace with shotguns...


KG said...

I'm with the cops--give 'em the tools to do the job and get out of the way and let them get on with it.
The "thin blue line" is worth more than all the lefty bleeding heart social workers put together.

Murray said...

Bring back the Minto Bar!!!

Since Minto jnr is joining the game it seems like the time for it.

Anonymous said...

These Human Rights wankers should be made to go out of a patrol with the cops late night early mornings to witness first hand what goes down on the mean streets Then ask them again what they think