Saturday, September 20, 2008

No- Tasers SHOULD be used in prisons

Tasers could be used in prisons

"The Government is considering policy changes that would allow police to use tasers in prisons, but arming prison guards with the stun guns is unlikely, Corrections Minister Phil Goff says.

This week two officers were badly beaten by five inmates at Rimutaka Prison. The men were discharged from hospital and are recovering at home.

The assaults sparked calls for prison officers to be armed.

Damned right.

The Corrections Department is already undertaking a project to assess what extra protection staff need. One option under consideration is armed response teams.

Adequate staffing would be also be useful. As would be running the High-Medium units like high security units with the shit-heads locked down most of the day and only allowed to exercise a couple at a time. Not half a frickin' wing at a time!

But a spokesman for Mr Goff today said any decisions around arming prison officers had to take into account the possibility guards' weapons could be used against them.

You stupid fuck- we- when I was in that job- wanted pepper spray, spring batons and tasers or stunners- Non-lethal gear because us lowbrow types at the sharp end figured that out all by ourselves!

We wanted firearms nearby and readily available- not needing to go through four layers of bureaucracy before getting permission to use them. Even the soft-cock Swedes go armed when transporting crims!

For that reason it was unlikely guards would be armed with tasers...

IDIOTS! this is exactly what Tasers are made for! Give me a Tasering over a whack with a steel bar anyday!

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